Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fantastic Product: ASUS ZenWatch 2 International Version

This is an awesome product! The item is well made and clearly high quality. It was relatively easy to pair with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when following the instructions that came with the watch. I'm glad I got the 1.63 because of the speaker. The ability to use voice commands, take and make calls and texts on the watch was the deciding factor. The watch understands my voice commands with few errors. The speaker volume could be louder but it's workable. I was concerned about the size being too large for my wrist but it's actually not to bad.
I ordered it the silver with the brown leather band and purchased the stainless steel magnetic band separately because it was less costly that way. I also bought some additional silicone bands for variety. It's super easy to switch them out. The watch works smoothly and consistently and is easy to use. All in all the 1.63 Zenwatch 2 is a super easy to use beautifully crafted piece of wearable tech!

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Review Time: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

samsung gear s3 frontier
Ok. I love it. Just plain, simply, absolutely love it. Samsung nailed it this time, for me at least. Got it for my birthday, and apart from the special occasion, the unboxing experience was great. The package is simply elegant as a gift. The presentation sober and tasteful. The machine inside is nothing short of breathtaking. I do not exaggerate. Everyone around was ooh and ahh. But I care about my feelings, which were just satisfaction and gratitude. The set up was easy. To pair it with my phone (a BlackBerry Priv) was a matter of 15 minutes mostly because I had to download the Gear app over the cell as opposed to a wifi. It could have gone faster.
The customization is really rich, more options as to faces and apps than I really need. The Health app is cool, I am still learning it. I appreciate the gentle nudges to stand up and stretch, and drink more water and less caffeine, The map and navigation apps, one of the main reasons we wanted this watch with built in GPS, are simple yet functional. The small screen limitation makes it obvious you are not going to get the full features of a larger phone display, but it certainly do its job. The telephone conversations are clear both ways, just speak in your natural tone and volume and the other party will read you clearly. The notifications and discreet and clear.
Now I do not need to pick up the phone but a quick glance to the S3 tells me just what has come in and from that I decide if further action is needed. Battery life so far has been very good, at my usage rate recharge every two days is enough. The charger is small and good looking on my night stand. In summary, yes, 5 stars to the S3 Frontier.

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